The Trouble with UX

User experience professional (UX) is a job title causing confusion in the web industry. A clear sign of it can be found in the coupling of the term UX with more standard job titles like designer and developer. This pairing occurs because UX by itself is too broad to describe what companies are looking for. However, by pairing UX with UI, developer, or analytics firms are simply diluting the meaning of the term even more.

Where I’ve Been

A high school math teacher introduced me to the golden ratio. The idea that there is a relationship between numbers and beauty fascinated me and still does to this day. Studying the golden ratio drew my attention to the renaissance artists. The intersection of math, geometry and art was intriguing but I ended up applying my interest to the art & science of user interface design. Around this time I was studying database administration. The dual strands of information management and interface design intertwined to set my career trajectory early on. I haven’t been able to shake my interest in either.

Beautiful Instruments

Before me sits a 13" MacBook Air paired with iA Writer in focus mode. The two together create a serene environment in which thought easily passes from mind to machine. Tools subtly effect what we want to create. Get the best and only what you need. This is my setup.


Web interface designer & front end developer living in the Pacific Northwest. My interest lies in the intersection of writing, design and programming.